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Simple Patio Ideas to Inspire You This Summer

In preparation for summer, a homeowner in Auburn, MA reached out to us seeking help with some simple patio ideas. Two things we had to keep in mind were: using materials that could withstand changing seasons in New England, and a quick turn around. Bringing Simple Patio Ideas to Life […]

basement playroom

​Want to Add a Basement Playroom? Here’s How to Do It

These great homeowners in Auburn wanted to transform their unfinished basement to include a gathering area and a basement playroom for games and movies. How We Added a Basement Playroom and More to This Space The first step in this transformation was to pull all of the necessary building permits to complete this project. According […]

new stainless steel appliances

How Updating Cabinets Can Brighten Up Your Entire Kitchen

Homeowners in Lowell, MA contacted our team because they wanted to update their kitchen and foyer. Their current layout suited them well, but the fixtures gave their home a dated appearance. By updating their cabinets and flooring, we were able to give their ground floor a brand new look. Here’s […]

Kitchen Makeover in Millbury: Tips to Update Your Home

When you’re home, you most likely spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. Whether it’s prepping a meal, packing lunch, or playing cards around the table, a lot of memories are made here. That’s why a pair of Millbury homeowners reached out to our team asking for a […]

Update in Upton MA: Master Bath Remodel

Did you know that most homeowners remodel their bathrooms because of fashion, not functionality? That’s why homeowners in Upton, MA gave us a call. The layout of the bathroom suited their needs but the design was extremely outdated. Here’s what we did to give their master bath a facelift. Laying […]

​Kitchen Makeovers: A Before and After​ That Will Wow You

This week, we’re sharing one of our favorite kitchen makeovers before and after photos. This Massachusetts homeowner wanted to update his outdated kitchen with two goals in mind: Make more efficient use of his kitchen’s space and layout Bring a more modern feel to his kitchen’s design Here are the […]

Remodeling a Bathroom: How to Add a Second Floor Laundry

More and more homeowners want to move their laundry rooms to the second floor of their homes. Why bother trekking all the way to the basement when most of your laundry is generated near your bedrooms? A homeowner in Leicester decided that their second-floor bathroom was in need of an […]

Room With a View: Installing a Bay Window

Make a great view even better by installing a bay window. This homeowner had a fantastic view of the lake, but their original window didn’t quite capture this backyard treasure. The family decided to make the view even better by installing a bay window. Installation process Out with the old […]

Create the Finished Basement of Your Dreams

The basement shouldn’t be a place where you’re banished to do laundry. With a little imagination and elbow grease, you can turn your cellar into a relaxing paradise. Here’s a peek into the finished basement we recently completed in Westborough. Before: Diamond in the Rough There was a lot of ground work we […]

Shed Removal: Transform Your Backyard in an Afternoon

Time had taken a toll on this homeowner’s shed. Over the years, it had grown into a safety concern and needed too much work to restore it. Before we removed the shed, we needed to pull all the permits. Shed removal is a quick and easy way for you to […]