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simple small bathroom design ideas

Simple Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire You This Fall

Ready to create your dream bathroom, but not sure where to begin? Every trendy remodel website has grandiose tips for big bathrooms: hide the toilet, add a huge vanity, add a hot tub. What if you don’t have the space (or budget) for such huge renovations? Many historic homes in Massachusetts […]

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Small Bathroom Updates Lead to a Great Modern Bath

This great family in Shrewsbury reached out to us about updating their bathroom. The small bathroom had a decent layout, but it was simply outdated. We decided to stick with the original basic layout, but we had a few new ideas to introduce. We came up with our new design […]

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Update in Upton MA: Master Bath Remodel

Did you know that most homeowners remodel their bathrooms because of fashion, not functionality? That’s why homeowners in Upton, MA gave us a call. The layout of the bathroom suited their needs but the design was extremely outdated. Here’s what we did to give their master bath a facelift. Laying […]

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Remodeling a Bathroom: How to Add a Second Floor Laundry

More and more homeowners want to move their laundry rooms to the second floor of their homes. Why bother trekking all the way to the basement when most of your laundry is generated near your bedrooms? A homeowner in Leicester decided that their second-floor bathroom was in need of an […]

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