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Mason Sky Is Top Notch

We have an old Victorian in Worcester that needed some exterior structural enhancements, as well as some cosmetic beautification. We were looking for a contractor who had great communication skills, track record of success for similar type work, and pride in his craft.

Mason Sky Is Top Notch! My wife and I are so glad to have picked Mason Sky for our project.

Communication Skills: Excellent. Jason was willing to accommodate a variety of communication methods via text and email as well as phone. He was thorough in the quoting and expectations stage and quick to respond throughout.

Track Record: We were impressed with Mason Sky’s breadth of past work and portfolio. They had glowing testimonials from others and photos as well.

Pride in Craft: Mason Sky has passion for their work. It showed in the finished product. They went above and beyond what was originally discussed. They accomplished the key mission we needed, while ensuring not to lose the aesthetic old charm of our Victorian and also addressed some safety concerns that came up mid-project.

5 Stars
Nathan H. Worcester, MA



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