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Residential Construction Job Site Foreman

Residential Construction Job Site Foreman

Job: Full-Time
Location: Millbury, MA
*Pay: $45.00 Hourly

We are seeking an experienced and skilled Residential Construction Job Site Foreman to oversee the day-to-day operations of our residential construction projects. As a Job Site Foreman, you will be responsible for coordinating and managing all on-site activities, ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. This role requires excellent leadership abilities, strong organizational skills, and a comprehensive understanding of residential construction processes.


  1. Project Management: Take charge of multiple residential construction projects simultaneously, ensuring all activities are properly planned, scheduled, and executed to meet deadlines and quality standards.
  2. Supervision and Leadership: Lead and supervise a team of construction workers, subcontractors, and vendors, providing guidance, direction, and support throughout all stages of construction.
  3. Site Coordination: Coordinate and collaborate with architects, engineers, designers, and other stakeholders to ensure effective communication, timely decision-making, and successful project outcomes.
  4. Quality Control: Implement and enforce quality control processes to ensure adherence to specifications, building codes, and construction standards, ensuring that all work is completed to the highest level of craftsmanship.
  5. Safety Compliance: Promote and enforce strict adherence to all safety policies and procedures, conducting regular site inspections to identify and mitigate potential hazards.
  6. Materials and Equipment Management: Oversee the procurement, delivery, and storage of construction materials and equipment, ensuring availability and proper usage throughout the project duration.
  7. Progress Reporting: Regularly monitor and report on project progress, identifying and addressing any issues, delays, or budget concerns promptly.
  8. Problem Solving: Identify and resolve any conflicts, challenges, or unforeseen obstacles that arise during construction, employing effective problem-solving techniques to maintain project momentum.
  9. Cost Management: Collaborate with project managers to track and control project costs, ensuring adherence to budgets and financial targets.
  10. Client Relations: Maintain positive relationships with clients, providing regular updates on project status, addressing concerns, and ensuring client satisfaction.
  11. Documentation and Record-Keeping: Maintain accurate and comprehensive project documentation, including daily reports, site photographs, change orders, and other relevant records.
  12. Continuous Improvement: Stay updated on industry trends, new construction techniques, and emerging technologies, implementing best practices to enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality on the job site.


  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in residential construction, with a strong background in project supervision and management.
  • Thorough understanding of residential construction processes, building codes, and safety regulations.
  • Proven leadership and team management skills, with the ability to motivate and guide a diverse workforce.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, to effectively interact with team members, clients, 
    and other stakeholders.
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities, with a keen attention to detail.
  • Proficiency in using construction management software, scheduling tools, and other relevant applications.
  • Knowledge of construction cost estimation and budget management.
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Valid driver's license and reliable transportation.

Joining our team as a Residential Construction Job Site Foreman offers an exciting opportunity to lead and contribute to the successful completion of high-quality residential construction projects. If you have the necessary experience, skills, and passion for excellence, we encourage you to apply.

*pay rate based off experience level.


Residential Construction Job Site Foreman

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